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Event environments represent a dimension of branding that is personal and immediate. The physical structure and organization of a space has an immediate effect. It is a stage for our identity attributes, personality and key messages. Events give us the opportunity to raise our identity to a level of drama and celebration – bringing the TTUHSC brand to life. We also can support these targeted communication initiatives through the development of event themes; utilizing presentations, demonstrations, banners, buttons, apparel, promotional concepts and personal interaction to reinforce our key messages. When all of these elements work in concert to engage and inform in a friendly, helpful way, targeted messaging is more likely to reach its mark. A powerful brand experience is created that resonates with audiences long after the event has ended.

The experiential nature of events demands that close attention be given to the behavioral aspects of the Texas Tech identity. In these immersing environments, it is critical that our personality attributes are demonstrated consistently through every point of contact so that there are no oversights or missteps (even seemingly insignificant ones) that undermine the overall experience.

  Double T Banner Apparel

Professional Versus Student Recruitment Events

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Carefully consider the nature of the event, the environment and the role of our colors when you're presenting to other health care professional versus events where we want to use our Texas Tech red to distinguish ourselves from other schools. Consider using white, gray and white or red and white banners for professional health care events and environments. Use Texas Tech red and white or Texas Tech red banners when attending student recruitment events. Always remember to use the Double T as a constant reminder of the Texas Tech spirit, utilizing Double T banners on either white or Texas Tech red and rich black backgrounds depending on the event, its nature and the audience. The same considerations should be kept in mind for marketing and communication materials and promotional merchandise and apparel. Understand your audience and the primary and secondary messages you want to reinforce.


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Signage around campus and facilities provides highly visible evidence of our commitment to a unified identity and logical systems of identification. Whether you are producing construction, vehicle, building or directional signs, be sure to follow prescribed graphic standards for TTUHSC, using official identities, including proper use of color and typography

TTUHSC Branded Environments Resources

Contact your campus Office of Communications and Marketing or your school's marketing director for assistance. Student organizations should contact Jamie Hinojosa at 806-743-2143 ext: 223 for assistance with their promotional and branded environments needs.