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As part of our Texas Tech identity strategy, there are three tiered templates for Web use. Each integrates official Texas Tech identity attributes and elements into a framework appropriate for different content types. The gateway template provides a major entry point to the university with an emphasis on our key messages, key concepts and fresh supporting content. The tier two template is suitable for short content such as bios, "about" pages, and short navigation lists. The tier three template provides a large and flexible content area for all general university content, large navigation indexes, forms, and all other content that requires more screen space than the tier two template provides.

Template Examples

A Standards-Compliant, Accessible Structure

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To provide for quick updates and ease of content creation, all Web pages are coded as XHTML Transitional documents using common external Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to dictate the appearance of the page. Separating the content from the design in this way creates lightweight, fully standards-compliant Web pages that keep the content accessible to every visitor. As long as the existing mark-up standards are adhered to, the CSS documents will provide all of the styling necessary to keep your pages in sync with the Texas Tech identity.

A Uniform Style

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Where appropriate, graphics may be used for typographic headers. In these instances, consult the typography guidelines for guidance on usage of Charter and Helvetica Neue, the official Texas Tech typefaces. In the majority of Web content, styled HTML type is necessary, and common fonts must be substituted for the official typefaces. In these situations, styles have been written to dictate most kinds of header and paragraph information. Arial is the substitute font for Helvetica Neue, and is used for most general content and lower-level headers. Times replaces Charter, and is used for high-level headers and some major introductory paragraphs.


For each color in the Texas Tech color palette, we have created an RGB/hexadecimal equivalent for Web and screen use. Texas Tech Red (#cc0000) is used in headers, borders and links, while Dark Red (#990000) may be used as an accent. Black (#000000), Dark Gray (#333333) and Light Gray (#cccccc) are used in masthead graphics, navigation, type, borders, the page backgrounds, and various containing devices.

The Right Place to Start

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TTUHSC Information Technology Division manages all university Web pages and templates. They can assist in acquiring files, and help with the process of bringing content into the TTUHSC website. For more information, contact Chip Shaw at (806) 743-9200 x 227 or e-mail

TTUHSC Web Resources

For guidance and template files, please contact Chip Shaw of the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Information Technology Division at (806) 743-9200 x 227 or by e-mail at