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Are you ready to live Well Beyond?


8 dimensions of wellness Not only does TTUHSC seek to produce graduates who are knowledgeable in their fields, but we also  want to develop individuals who prioritize self-care and  seek to achieve healthy balances across multiple dimensions of their lives. With this in mind, TTUHSC faculty, staff, and students have developed a five-year project to focus on student wellness, with a specific emphasis on emotional intelligence. Known as the Well Beyond initiative, the project is a component of TTUHSC’s process to seek reaffirmation of accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). As part of this process, TTUHSC is required to develop a Quality Enhancement Plan, or QEP. This is a focused project to improve a specific aspect of student learning or student success across the institution, regardless of academic program or campus affiliation. Through the Well Beyond initiative, TTUHSC students will learn to achieve healthy balances in their lives and cultivate appropriate strategies for responding to their emotions. Ultimately, we desire for our graduates to be better equipped to persevere through challenges not only as students, but also as future healthcare professionals and researchers. A committee of peer reviewers will be visiting our campuses on March 18-21, 2019, to evaluate TTUHSC and learn more about the QEP. Look for more information in the coming weeks!

8 Dimensions of Wellness:

(1) Emotional: Recognizing and accepting a wide range of feelings in
yourself and others, including the productive management of those
feelings and related behaviors in the face of adversity
(2) Environmental: Leading a lifestyle in which we recognize our impact on the
environment and promote practices that sustain the earth’s resources
(3) Financial: Being mindful of your financial decision-making in order to live within your means, discern between needs and wants, and manage short- and long-term financial goals
(4) Intellectual: Expanding your knowledge and challenging your mind with creative and stimulating activities
(5) Occupational: Utilizing your skills and talents to obtain personal satisfaction and meaning through work
(6) Physical: Understanding and caring for your body through a healthy diet and regular physical activity, including the avoidance of behaviors which impair optimal performance
(7) Social: Developing and maintaining healthy relationships with others as we seek to improve the communities in which we live
(8) Spiritual: Exploring a connection to something bigger than ourselves, which may involve the search for meaning in life or the development of congruence among our actions, beliefs, and values

QEP Development Task Force Members

  • Ms. Leslie Collins, Co-Chair
  • Dr. Lauren Sullivan, Co-Chair
  • Ms. Christine Andrews
  • Dr. Jeff Dennis
  • Ms. Tho Dinh
  • Mr. Jacob Gault
  • Dr. Matthew Geddie
  • Ms. Dana Granger
  • Ms. Allison Kerin
  • Dr. Alan Korinek
  • Dr. Patti Patterson
  • Dr. Deborah Sikes


January. 7-Feb. 3: Finalize QEP proposal

February 4: Submission of QEP proposal to SACSCOC

March 18-21: SACSCOC on-site peer review

March 25: End of task force commitment

 March 19-May 4: Weekly meetings/completion of assigned tasks

May 8: Advisory visit by SACSCOC Vice President

May 9-July 20: Continued development of the proposal

July 22-25: 2018 Institute on Quality Enhancement and Accreditation (Atlanta, GA)

July 30-Dec. 7: Continued development of the proposal

December 8-11: 2018 SACSCOC Annual Meeting (New Orleans, LA)




Meeting Agendas