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What is Active Directory?

Active Directory provides a single point of management for Windows-based user accounts, clients, servers, and applications. Institutions can also use Active Directory to securely share applications and services across the Internet.

Thus, Active Directory increases the value of an organization's existing network investments and lowers the overall costs of computing by making the Windows network operating system more manageable, secure, and interoperable.

Our current operating system (NT) will no longer be supported with updates and security patches at the end of this year. We are moving to Active Directory in order to implement a supported network operating system for the institution.

surprised guy How will this benefit me?

A few of the changes you will notice as a user will be:

  • Easier sign-on!
    You will need fewer user names and passwords to access your computer, email and network resources. Most sign-on will be with your eRaider.
  • Network access at ALL campuses!
    Now you can log on at any campus and have access to your accounts, files, shares, etc., across the HSC network.
  • Automatic protection and updates!
    Keeping track of current windows updates or virus protection files will now be automatic. IT will make sure your computer takes steps to keep up to date without you having to worry about a thing.
So, what's the plan?

As with all large projects, a step-by-step process has been developed to ensure a smooth roll out of the new system. During the month of December, Information Technology staff will be working with your department to schedule a time for the migration. This is a large process and consists of 3 major steps:

number one

IT staff have been hard at work behind the scenes preparing systems for this upgrade. Over the past year, crucial steps have been taken to align major systems to integrate smoothly into the new network, and we have developed a migration plan for each computer on the network. This has been a time-consuming process that required great attention to detail to ensure that interruptions to services will be kept at a minimum.

number two

This is where you come in! We will be working with your department to make sure each and every computer on the network has the proper settings to migrate into Active Directory. Technicians will be assisting each department during this task. The process takes approximately 20-25 minutes and the user should be present to complete the migration process.

number three

Once all users have been migrated to Active Directory, we will begin to move user email accounts to Exchange 2003. Exchange 2003 will provide enhanced email and messaging services. This includes an enhanced web interface that closely resembles the Outlook 2003 desktop application, improved junk-mail filters, and more robust security.

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