TTUHSC Information Technology

TTUHSC IT Policies

8.         COPYRIGHT

Unauthorized duplication of copyrighted information and software packages is a direct infringement of the Federal copyright law.  (For further information, please refer to the links provided under the Federal Statutes sections of this site.)

It is illegal to make, use, or pass along unauthorized copies of software, graphics, music, videotaped material, or any other creative art or intellectual property for multimedia projects or any other use.

For information on privacy relating to educational records and their disclosure (including directory information), see the Family Educational and Privacy Rights Act (also known as the Buckley Amendment) under the Federal Statutes section of this site. 

Computer Software

Copying, adapting, and/or electronically transmitting computer software is strictly forbidden except:

  1. Where a new copy or adaptation is created as an essential step in the utilization of the computer program in conjunction with a new machine and that it is used in no other manner.
  2. Where a new copy and adaptation is for archival purposes only and that all archival copies are destroyed in the event that continued possession of the computer program should cease to be rightful.
  3. Where appropriate, written consent (from the holder of such copyright) is obtained.
  4. Where the software is in the public domain, and appropriate documentation can be supplied.

As with CD's and DVD's, computer programs may not be rented, leased, or loaned for direct or indirect commercial advantage.

Lawful transfer of possession of a legally licensed computer program may be exempt, provided there are no existing compies left on the original machine.

TTUHSC prohibits the unauthorized copying or electronic transmission of computer software, computer data, software manuals, videotaped materials, and other multimedia items unless appropriate written consent is obtained from the vendor and/or copyright holder.