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The overall reliability of the HSC Network is the responsibility of TTUHSC Information Technology Division.  However, every school, department, and user is responsible for meeting standards that will help ensure this reliability.

Non-standard hardware configurations and software packages normally require additional resources and expertise.  Work orders submitted on standardized hardware and software will receive priority service over non-standard hardware and software due to the additional specialization and time required.

For the current configuration recommendation for desktops and laptops, see the I.T. Solution Center's Computer Configurations page here:

To ensure comprehensive dissemination of information, all browser home pages shall be set to the TTUHSC Announcements Page -

Even if a machine meets the above requirements, Information Technology reserves the right to remove any equipment attached to the network that may be causing problems.  For more detailed hardware and software guidelines, go to the Information Technology Supported Hardware and Software page or contact the I.T. Department at your respective campuses.