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TTUHSC recognizes the value of publishing on the Internet and supports students in creating personal or curricular web sites and/or web pages.  Free personal student accounts are available through the I.T. Division and are allocated 40MB of server space per account.  Students needing help setting up their web site and/or web page can contact the TTUHSC Information Services in Lubbock at (806) 743-1500 for assistance.  For more information and/or instructions on obtaining student web space, go to the Student Web Server page.

While student web sites and/or web pages are considered “unofficial,” the quality of the information published will still affect the reputation and image of TTUHSC.  To prevent any negative impact to the Institution, the following web publishing standards have been established for student web sites and/or web pages:

  1. All student web sites and/or web pages must comply with the TTUHSC Acceptable Use Policy.
  2. TTUHSC will maintain and support the central web environment.  Students are responsible for editing, uploading, debugging, and maintaining the content of their own sites and/or page.
  3. Texas Tech logotypes and any other official logos may only be used in web documents by schools, departments, and administrative areas.  Unofficial web sites and/or web pages are not allowed to display any official logotypes.
  4. All web publishers/authors must abide by the copyright laws, regardless of whether the site/page is an official or unofficial one.  Refer to the Web Use and Copyright Section for more detailed guidelines.
  5. Student web sites and/or web pages are considered “unofficial” and must be identified as such with disclaimer notices.  All unofficial web sites and/or web pages must prominently display the Notice of Disclaimer for Unofficial Web Sites/Pages.
  6. To avoid unnecessary scrolling, all web sites and/or web pages should be sized no larger than 1024 x 768 pixels.  The best practice is to design the page no larger than 900 pixels wide.
  7. Graphics should be in the GIF, JPEG/JPG, or PNG format with a maximum resolution of 72 dpi/ppi.  Higher resolution graphics will make the site/page unnecessarily slow to load.  If the graphic needs to be resized or resampled, a graphic program should be used rather than manipulating it through the HTML graphics size elements to ensure that the graphic will remain clear, crisp, and fast to download.  For the best quality, it is recommended using the original graphic to modify then re-export as a GIF or JPG as necessary.
  8. Include Alt Tag descriptions when using graphics to ensure persons unable to view the graphic or persons using a text browser will be able to understand and navigate the site and/or page.
  9. All student web sites and/or web pages should include a footer section that provides:
    • A link to the TTUHSC home page
    • The site/page owner’s name and email address
    • Notice of Disclaimer For Unofficial Pages

    These necessary footer codes may be found on the Student Web Server page.

  10. Personal sites and/or pages will be removed 6 months after a student’s last semester at TTUHSC, unless special arrangements are made between the student and Information Services.

For questions or comments regarding these requirements, contact

Below is a list of recommended design and procedural standards for student web sites and/or web pages:

  1. Before making any document public, spell check, and proof read first.
  2. Update contents regularly and check all links to ensure they are in working order.
  3. Avoid using large graphics.  It will make the page load time unnecessarily long.  Consider, instead, using a thumbnail where appropriate.  If linking to large files or graphics, add a warning statement to prepare the user for the extended load time.
  4. Use a template or style sheet to ensure visual consistency across the web site and/or web page.
  5. Provide a link to the parent page on all supporting pages.
  6. Avoid browser-specific elements.

All web accounts will be subject to monitoring and audits by the I.T. Division for compliance with the policies contained herein.  TTUHSC reserves the right to remove any web site and/or web page found to be in violation of TTUHSC, Federal, State, and/or local rules, policies, or procedures.  A removal notification will be sent out to the registered web publisher 30 days before the site and/or page is removed and a second notice will follow 10 days prior to the removal date.  However, a site and/or page may be removed immediately with the approval of the CIO.