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Your eRaider Account

eRaider is a central, institution-wide authentication system which allows students, faculty and staff access to most secure, online information and services at Texas Tech. Your eRaider username and password is required to log onto computers on the TTUHSC network domain. eRaider accounts are automatically created once a student applies to TTUHSC or an employee completes their new hire paperwork. Once the eRaider account is created, the new user must activate the account. Students may be emailed an activation code and instructions on activating their account. Faculty, staff and students who have not received an activation code will need to contact the IT Solution Center. eRaider activation will allow the user to create a password and a password reminder in the event they forget their set password. Users will also be able to create their TTUHSC email account. Once the activation process is completed, it will take approximately 30 minutes before the eRaider account is fully functional. An additional 2 hours is required before a new TTUHSC email account is functional and fully accessible.

Once activated, users can access their eRaider Services to change their password, change their email address, change their online directory information and download software available to TTUHSC students, faculty and staff. To access your eRaider Services, sign into the eRaider website,

Changing Your eRaider Password

  • Sign into the eRaider website at
  • Click the "Change Password" link under the eRaider Password area.
  • Follow the instructions on the page.

eRaider Password Process

It is important to keep your passwords to TTUHSC and Texas Tech computing resources secure and change them regularly. If someone should discover your password they can access your account and associated resources. You are responsible for any activity that originates from your accounts at TTUHSC and Texas Tech.

The TTUHSC IT Policy states that passwords should be changed every 90 days as a necessary step in secure computing practices. As a result, all eRaider account passwords are required to be changed every 90 days.

Password Security

Strengthening our security controls on eRaider passwords will include requiring "strong" passwords that are not easy to crack and changing passwords at least every 90 days. Both of these elements are a part of current IT policy.
The criteria for a strong password includes:

  1. Minimum length of 8 alphanumeric characters (upper limit of 15).
  2. Must include at least one lower case character, upper case character, and number.
  3. Numeric character must not be at the beginning or the end of the password.
  4. Special characters may optionally be included in the password. The special characters are (!@#$%^& *_+=?/~`;:,<>|\).
  5. The password may not include dictionary words or common abbreviations.

Your eRaider password is set to expire every 90 days, TTUHSC employees and students will be notified via email 10, 6 and 3 days prior to the expiration of their password.