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FileVault - Large File Transfer

FileVault is a service offered by TTUHSC IT to allow its faculty, staff and students a safe and secure method for sharing large files both internally and externally between colleagues.  FileVault is web based and features an easy to use interface and wizard plug-in that works with Internet Explorer and Firefox.  The wizard helps the user by allowing them to quickly upload and download one or multiple large files and create packages for sharing these files with their internal or external colleagues.

FileVault utilizes Secure Socket Layers (SSL) for the transmission of files and encrypts the files once they are on the FileVault server using AES, the U.S. government encryption standard.

The links below contain information for using FileVault and for accessing the FileVault service.  If you have any questions or encounter any problems, please contact the IT Solution Center.

Access the FileVault system here.