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Using Assets

Once assets have been enabled and created by an administrators, content contributors can utilize assets. Most often, an asset will be available to insert on a page while editing in the WYSIWYG Editor. Content editing might also be configured so that when clicking on an editable region button, the user is only presented with an asset chooser. Once a page has been subscribed to the asset, any changes in the asset will update the page and republish it. The republishing of pages subscribed to assets can be throttled by admins with the configuration of the publish threshold setting.

This page includes tutorials about asset usage; including inserting an asset, using an asset-only region, deleting an asset, editing and publishing an asset, and filtering assets by tags.

Inserting an Asset

There are two methods to insert Assets. Assets can be entered into pages using the WYSIWYG Editor or using an Asset only region.

Inserting an Asset with the WYSIWYG Editor
  1. While in the WYSIWYG Editor, place the cursor where the Asset will be entered.
  2. Then find and click on the Insert Asset icon in the toolbar.
    Click on the Insert Asset icon
  3. After clicking the icon, an Asset selection screen will appear.
  4. if desired, search for the desired Asset using the filter options. Available assets from all sites will appear, unless the asset has been locked to a particular site.
  5. Select the desired Asset.
    Select the Asset to Insert
  6. Click on Select Asset.

The icons found on the left denote what type the Asset is:

Types of assets

The Asset will be entered into the page where the cursor was placed. If the Asset is a Text Only Asset, or a Web Content Asset with no block level HTML code (such as p or div tags), the Asset will preview with the content inside of a wrapper:

Asset Preview in WYSIWYG editor

If the Asset is a Web Content Asset with block level HTML code, a Source Code Asset or an Image Gallery Asset it cannot be previewed in the WYSIWYG Editor, but it will still have a wrapper:

Asset Preview in WYSIWYG editor

Note that even though the Asset is not displayed in the WYSIWYG Editor, it will still render in the page preview. However, Source Code Assets will not always render with preview.

After the Asset is entered and page updates completed, save the page and publish as normal.

To delete an Asset from a page in the WYSIWYG Editor, click anywhere on the Asset wrapping and press the Delete key.

Using an Asset Only Region
  1. Click on "Choose an Asset" in the TCF (new page wizard) or MultiEdit screen, or simply the edit button in an editable region.
    Choose an asset
  2. Search for the desired Asset using the filter options. Assets from all sites will appear, except for Managed Form Assets, which are site-specific.
  3. Select the desired Asset.
    Choose an asset
  4. Click Select.

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