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File Functions (continued)

Format Dropdown Icon Format The Format drop-down lists built-in styles that can be applied to a selected paragraph. To apply an element from the Format drop-down, click within the paragraph (or select text), and then click the element from the drop-down. For more information: Format Drop-Down
Styles Dropdown Icon Styles This drop-down sets the style of any selected text. The styles available are configured by the system administrator.
Insert Edit Image Icon Insert/Edit Image Insert or edit an image. For more information: Image Editing Tutorial
Insert Edit Embedded Media Icon Insert/Edit Embedded Media Insert or edit embedded media. For more information: Inserting Video
Insert Horizontal Line Icon Insert Horizontal Line Adds a horizontal rule.
Insert line break Icon Insert line break To insert a line break, click on the Line break icon. This is the same as entering <br /> into the source.
Insert Special Character Icon Insert Special Character To insert a special character such as an copyright symbol, registered trademark, or other characters, click on the Insert Special Character icon.
A pop-up window will appear with a list of special characters. Click on the icon of the character to insert into the page. If the HTML numeric equivalent is known, that can be entered in the pop-up as well.
Cleanup Messy Code Icon Cleanup Messy Code The Cleanup Messy Code icon removes extraneous tags and adds appropriate ending tags where necessary. This helps with cross-browser functionality as well as good general practice.
Show hide guidelines Icon Show/Hide Guidelines/Invisible Elements The Toggle Guidelines/Invisible Elements icon adds/removes the outlines of tables and other elements, for visual purposes only.
Edit HTML Source Icon Edit HTML Source The Edit HTML Source icon opens a code view of the HTML source.
Insert Snippet Icon Snippets Click the Snippets icon in order to select preexisting snippets of HTML or text to be inserted into the page. The Snippets available are set by the system administrator. For more info, look here.
Insert Assets Icon Assets Click the Assets icon in order to select a preconfigured asset to insert into the page. For more information about assets: Assets Overview.

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