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Using the Image Editor

Image Editor allows images to be resized, cropped, and rotated directly in OU Campus. Images can be uploaded and edited all in one operation. This helps ensure large images are properly resized before they get to the web server. Access to the new Image Editor is level dependent. Those who can upload files (Level 6 and above) can use the Image Editor to upload images and edit existing images, but cannot overwrite any existing image with the same file name. Those who can delete files (Level 8 and above) can edit and overwrite any existing image.

The Image Editor can be used in two parts of the system. While viewing a list of files on the production server by clicking the Content tab, then clicking on the Production view, or while inserting images on a web page using the WYSIWYG editor.

NOTE: The Image Editor minimally requires Java 5 installed to be able to use it.

Image Editor

No matter how the Image Editor is accessed, a new floating window opens giving with the ability to zoom, resize, crop, and rotate an image.

Image File Types

JPG, JPEG and PNG images can be edited and saved using the Image Editor. GIF images can also be edited, but must be saved as JPG, JPEG or PNG files. Simply changing the extension of any image file during save will properly convert the file to a web-optimized version of the chosen file type. The chart below illustrates the files that can be edited and saved using the Image Editor:

Original Image Type Possible Saved Image Types
.JPG .JPG or .JPEG or .PNG
.PNG .JPG or .JPEG or .PNG
.GIF .JPG or .JPEG or .PNG

GIFs can be uploaded into Omniupdate! The system still allows for GIFs to be uploaded and inserted into pages. The above refers to the Image Editor functionality. GIFs can only be changed when saved as a JPG, JPEG or PNG file.

GIFs are still uploaded using Upload in the Content tab:

Image Editor

...while the new Image/Upload button can be used for those file types that can be modified by the Image Editor (JPG, JPEG and PNG):

Image Editor

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