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Recent Publishes

Content > Recent Publishes shows a listing of recent publishes of editable pages within the site.

Recent Publishes tab

A user can navigate to older published pages using the Previous, Next, or Last links at the top of the report. Information available includes the date and time of the publish, the file path, the user who made the change, the publish method (either Normal or Directory), and a link to view a more detailed log of publishes to any particular page on the list. Recent publishes can be sorted by date ascending or descending (default). The whole list of recent publishes can be scrolled through by using the previous/next and first/last links.

Recent Publishes Screen

Page Log

The page log can be viewed by selecting the log link. The page log will display the date of time of the publish, the user who made the change, and the type of save or publish activity type (either Save or Manual Publish) for the specific page.

Recent Publishes Log Screen