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Using the Image Editor

Saving or Uploading Images

After editing an image, the image can be saved to either the web server or local computer. The Save As button allows users the option of saving the file to a local computer hard disk, while the Upload As saves the file to the production web server directly. In both options the user has the ability to rename the file, and change the image type if desired (by simply changing the file extension). If the original file name is maintained, the original file will be overridden. The ability to overwrite a file of the same name on the production web server is only allowed by users of privilege level 8 and above).

Editing in File Browse Mode

To edit any image while browsing from a list of image files, click the Content tab, then switch to the Production server view by shown below. As images are always stored on the production web server, image files are only visible on the Production tab.

Image Listing

Simply click on the name of any image file while browsing the Production server to edit existing images.

Image Upload Listing

Click the Image/Upload button to select images on a local computer, edit, and upload to the server.

Choose Image File to Upload or Edit

Select an image from the local hard drive or network drive to open the Image Editor applet.

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