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Within the WYSIWYG Editor is a toolbar, which has a variety of functions available to the user to utilize in order to make editing the page easier.

Icons represent every available function to the user. Clicking on any icon performs an action, either directly to the page, or to the selected text and graphics. Some icons display more options in a drop-down menu fashion, or in a pop-up window display.

The availability of a function is based on the selected items, or the location of the cursor on the page. For example, if nothing is selected, functions such as Insert Link are dimmed, signifying that this function is not available at the moment. For the Insert Link function button to be available, the user must first select text or a graphic.

In many cases, right-clicking offers contextual functions. For example, right-clicking within a table provides a list of available table editing and formatting functions. Additionally, commonly used control key combinations are available such as Ctrl-X, Ctrl-C, and Ctrl-V for cut, copy, and paste respectively.

Toolbar Reference

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A brief description of the functionality available with each icon is provided in the tables on the following pages.

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