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About the Dashboard Tab

The Dashboard facilitates a user's workflow including an Inbox and Outbox, as well as the ability to compose messages. It also shows pages checked out to the user, broken pages, and general user settings and preferences. The menus are as follows:

Dashboard Tab


The Workflow menu includes the Inbox, Outbox, and Compose tabs. For more information:

Using Workflow

Current Projects

Current Projects displays a list of all the pages currently checked out to the user. From here, the user can access the page or check it back in. For more information:

Viewing Current Projects

Broken Pages

Broken Pages displays a list of all pages that have issues that need to be resolved, such as assets that have been deleted and broken links. For more information:

Viewing Broken Pages


Settings/Preferences allows users to see the current configuration of their user information, such as password, external email address, and contact phone number. It also lists the user level and assigned approver. Some elements may be configurable by the user.

Viewing User Settings