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Comparing Pages

Compare allows a user or reviewer (e.g., an approver) to easily identify changes that have been made to a given page by comparing the newly proposed page with either the page currently on the production server (the last published version of the page), or to any prior published or backed-up version, or to a version on a publish target (if Multi-Target Publish is in use). The version must be available in the versioning archive. Document comparison highlights text, image, and asset changes with color coding and strikethrough notations.

Using Compare

To utilize the Compare option:

  1. Click on the Compare button from within the edit options of the page, or click the Compare icon under the Review column on the folder structure view.

    Compare button: Compare Button

    Compare icon in folder structure: Compare Option
  2. Next, select the file to which the currently saved version should be compared.

    Clicking on the Live version will render a comparison as the page will appear to site visitors.

    Clicking on a previous version renders a source view of the comparison with the highlighting still visible. Versions published to different published targets are listed with the production server under Revision and can be selected for comparison. Publish Target Compare

Compare Key

When using the Compare function, the results will be color-coded and stylized in order to clearly emphasize where the changes have occurred.

When utilizing Compare page or Compare page (no includes) with the Live option:

Compare Page Key

Live Comparison

When using the Compare page selection with the Live option, the Compare function will render a comparison that looks similar to what the page would look like to visitors to the site. Changes will be highlighted using the color and stylizing listed above.

Compare to Live Site

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