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Pages Overview

Editing a page in OU Campus can be as simple as logging into a page directly, editing text, and clicking the Publish button. This is accomplished by locating the DirectEdit button or link on a published HTML page, clicking it, and entering the user name and password.  After logging in users may be able to navigate the folder structure to locate and check out the content to be edited.

Editing a page also allows users to utilize various other types of content such as snippets and assets, and other WYSIWYG tools such as those used for inserting and editing links and images.

After saving a page, or in preview mode, a user will also see the various available page actions. This includes the option to publish or to submit for approval. Depending upon the access permissions configured for the page (as well as for other content types) and the user, either option or both might be available. If an approval process is in place, in lieu of publishing, a user will need to submit the content for approval.

Some of the functionality available with preview or edit, can also be accessed via Pages list view (by clicking Content or Content > Pages). Some functionality may only be accessed when a page or file is checked out; for other functionality it is not necessary to check out a page. Some functionality is also available even when another has a page locked by the current user or another user.

Content Pages dropdown

Pages List View

The Pages list view provides a directory listing of files and subdirectories as well as access to the editing functionality, and other content management actions and file operations. The Pages list view also includes page status indicators that show if a page is checked out, or if other page actions have been scheduled. For more information:

Page List View

Page Actions Toolbar

When in edit or preview mode whether the page is checked out to the current user or not, or when editing a page within the WYSIWYG Editor, several utilities are available at the top of the screen in the form of the Page Actions toolbar. The available actions differ depending upon page status. For more information:

Page Actions Toolbar

For more information about using the default WYSIWYG Editor to edit a page, please see:



About the Toolbar

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