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Previewing a Page

Multi-Browser Preview

The page can be reviewed as it would appear in various browsers with the Multi-Browser Preview feature. This allows for views of all versions of supported browsers for OU Campus including Chrome, Firefox, MS Internet Explorer, and Safari. Both Windows and Mac operating systems are supported. After making a selection of browsers to preview, the previews are provided as thumbnail images, which can be clicked for a larger view that includes more details. This view also includes the ability to review the previews in a slide-show fashion. Additionally, the screenshots can be downloaded as a zip file.

To Initiate a Mulit-Browser Preview

  1. Click the Multi-Browser tab in the upper right corner of the preview window. This switches to the Multi-Browser Preview mode.
  2. Select the checkboxes for each browser in which a preview is desired. This can be performed for each checkbox individually or the selections can be made with the following:
    1. Select All
    2. Select None
    3. Only Windows
    4. Only Mac OS
  3. Click Submit.

Multi Browser Preview Screen

A new window or tab shows the status of the request and will auto refresh every 10 seconds until the process is completed. This process can take a few minutes as it completes the request and creates screenshots of the page in the different browsers selected.

Multi Browser Preview Screen

When completed, thumbnail images of the page show what the page will look like in the selected browsers.

Multi Browser Thumbnails Screen

Click on a thumbnail image to view the screenshot. From here, scroll through the available images. It is possible to click on the image to enlarge it to a full size image that includes more images details.

Multi Browser Extended Preview Screen

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