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Checking a Page

Page Check Overview

Page Check is an account-wide feature with several customization options that can be applied at the account, site, and even user level. Because of the flexibility of the implementation of the various quality assurance checks that can be run on a page, the available options described here may vary for an institution's implementation. The four basic types of checks available with Page Check are:

  • Spell Check
  • Link Check
  • W3C Valid
  • Accessibility Check

Depending upon configuration, the Page Check can be initiated while in preview or edit mode for a checked-out page, while editing a page, or at the time of publish. All of the four quality checks may be enabled to run or any combination of the available checks may be enabled to run. It can be forced to run automatically at the time of publish as Final Check. A user can also configure to enable Page Check in their individual user settings if this option was configured at the account level.

If Page Check was disabled, the item does not appear as an option on the Review menu nor is it available when the page is checked out.

In addition to the options available for configuration of Page Check, the individual checks have their own options. For example, a language option is available for Spell Check and a choice of specification is available for Accessibility Check.
Initiating a Page Check

Keep in mind that identified errors for all four options can include issues that are in specific areas on a page that cannot be edited by the user. For instance, if the error is in the header, this is generally only editable by an administrator. In those cases, the user should pass on the identified error to an administrator to have it updated.

The available Final Check options are based on the activated Page Check options. For more information about Page Check and available options, see:

Page Check

Initiating a Page Check

From the Folder Structure (Content > Pages)
  1. Navigate to Content > Pages and check out the desired page.
  2. Hover over the menu bar and Review menu, and choose Page Check.
    Page Check Menu
From Preview, Edit, or Editing
  1. When the page is checked out, the Page Check icon is available in the page actions toolbar.
    Page Check from Page Actions Toolbar
  2. Click Page Check icon.
    Page Check Icon
As Final Check

If in addition to Page Check, Final Check is enabled (and perhaps even required), then initiating a publish will either make the enabled page checks available, or run them automatically.

Final Check screen

Final Check Complete screen

Once the check has completed, click on any errors or warnings to view the report.

Final Check Error Report

Note: Any options that do not run automatically can be run by simply clicking on the button with the name of the check.

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