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Page Properties

Parameters can be used to control preconfigured aspects of a page, such as supplying meta tag content, setting access, and selecting keywords. Page parameters are accessed from the Page Properties view. In order access page properties, the page must be checked out to the current user. Users level 5 through 10 have inherent authority to edit the properties of a page to which they have access. The available metadata and parameters for properties depend upon template design. Some of the fields available during page creation also include properties. The Page Parameters panel includes the Title and Meta Tags area and the Custom Settings area within the panel.

Accessing Page Parameters

In order to edit the metadata and configuration parameters for a page, Properties must be accessed.

  1. Navigate to the Pages list view and check out the page.
  2. Access the page parameters by one of two ways:
    1. Hover over Edit in the page row and choose Properties.
      Page Properties from ListView
    2. In the actions view, click the Properties button on the page actions toolbar.
      Page Properties from Actions View

Example Page Properties

Page Properties Example

The included fields vary greatly from implementation to implementation.

Title and Meta Tags

The first area of the page parameters contains the Title and Meta Tags and frequently contains the following:

Title: Allows users to create a user-friendly name for the page that is used to identify the content in the OU Campus CMS, and is used for the title of the page that appears in a browser.
Description: Allows users to provide a brief description of the page.
Author: Defines the user who created the content.
Keywords: User-defined keywords that are used in searches to help find content.

Custom Settings

The Custom Settings grouping will vary depending on the page type. The available fields may include:

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