IT Notification System Database

Welcome to the IT Notification System Database, part of the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center IT Notification System that is used to communicate important information to students, faculty and staff related to IT outages and other IT issues.

IT Notifications are provided as a service of the Information Technology Division of TTUHSC. The service is optional and users can opt-in or opt-out from receiving notifications by updating their information in the IT Notification System Database at any time. Please note that updates require at least twenty four hours to take effect.

To learn more about the IT Notification System Database, please see our FAQ’s at http://www.ttuhsc.edu/IT/Notifications/faq.aspx.

If you wish to receive IT Notifications for a campus or campuses, please update your contact information within our database by clicking the "Start" button below. You will be asked to login with your eRaider Username and Password to begin the process.