IT Notification System Database


The IT Notification System Database FAQ provides answers to frequently asked questions about your information, how notifications will be sent, and supported features. For general questions or technical assistance with this service and the database, contact the TTUHSC IT Solution Center at 806-743-1234 or ITSolutions@ttuhsc.edu.

When will the IT Notification System be used?

The system will only be used to reach you in the event of a campus or regional IT outages or other IT issues as defined by TTUHSC IT officials.

Will the contact information I supply be used for any other purpose?

No, your information is only used for notification in the event of a campus or regional IT outage or other IT issue.

Will I receive IT Notifications if I don't "sign up"?

No, you must opt-in to recieve notifications from the IT Notification System. When you opt-in the IT Notification Database it is pre-loaded with the primary phone number listed for you in the TTUHSC student or employee information databases. This number, however, may not be the most appropriate number for use, so TTUHSC strongly recommends that you provide the best IT Notification contact information by signing up at www.ttuhsc.edu/it/notifications.

How often can I change my contact information in the IT Notification Database?

You may change your information as often as you feel necessary by visiting www.ttuhsc.edu/it/notifications.

Can I opt-out of receiving IT Notifications?

You may opt-out of all IT Notifications, by unchecking the ‘notify me by email’ and all ‘location’ check boxes and removing your phone numbers from the ‘phone contact’ section and submitting the data entry page at www.ttuhsc.edu/it/notifications/. You can also click on the button labeled 'stop IT notifications’ at the bottom of the data entry page and you will be removed from the IT Notification System Database.

What is the Location information used for?

Students, faculty, and staff will receive IT Notifications applicable to the campus locations they have indicated on the data entry form at www.ttuhsc.edu/it/notifications

Can I be notified via text messaging?

Yes, you can supply a text messaging number. Please note that your phone must be able to receive text messaging and you must have text messaging enabled with your service provider.

Will I receive an email notification?

If you opted into receiving emails from the IT Notification System, you will receive an email. Please note that all emails are sent to your Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center email account provided to you. The system does not support email addresses other than your TTUHSC account.

Will campus departments (office phones) be included in IT Notifications?


Can I receive notifications by more than one method?

Yes, you can receive email notification in the event of an IT event. Additionally, you can select to be notified by voice, text messaging, and TTY/TDD services.

What is TTY/TDD?

A TTY is a special device that lets people who are deaf, hard of hearing, or speech-impaired use the telephone to communicate, by allowing them to type text messages. A TTY is required at both ends of the conversation in order to communicate. TDD - Telecommunication Device for the Deaf.

Does the system support TTY/TDD devices for the hearing impaired?

Yes, you can supply a TTY/TDD number.