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Infrastructure Assurance

Definition of Infrastructure Assurance:

Infrastructure assurance protects and defends information and information systems by ensuring their integrity, authentication, confidentiality, and nonrepudiation as well as enforcing policy.

Risk Management

Risk Assessment 2011

Training Handouts:

Training Presentations:

How to Create an Account

How to Register a Resource

Risk Assessment Timeline:

  • Training conducted the week of May 24,
  • Assessments completed by July 15, 2011,
  • Review and analysis by Security, Infrastructure and Assurance by fall 2011, and
  • Meetings scheduled with individual information owners by calendar year end 2011.

Risk Assessment Program Link:

Risk Assessment Tool (ISAAC)

Additional Resources:

Policy 1.1 - IT Resource Management and Responsibility (TAC 202.71, 202.72)

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