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Most people, when they think of “networking” immediately think of the internet. However, the services that TTUHSC’s networking department is responsible for easily reaches into the hundreds. “Networking is basically the ability to tie all of our computers on our network together, and making them and all of the resources available. Our network consists of 26,376 of access ports across seven cities. We have over 700 wireless access points as well, so people can roam with their iPad and iPhones without being tethered to an access port,” said Lane Timmons, Senior Director of Networking Services. This department also supports other student-focused interfaces such as WebCT and Exchange (which controls TTUHSC e-mail), and Health.Edu. As Gordon Essary, Senior Director for Systems and Operations, put it, “the network is the highway system or interstate for all of the data in this organization. It is the roadway that everything travels on.”

The Networking Department maintains:

  • 156 Network Closets
  • 556 LAN physical network switches
  • 26,376 LAN network ports
  • 77 WAN Routers
  • 23 LAN routers
  • 15 Wireless Security Switches
  • Over 700 Wireless Access Points
  • 24 Texas Department of Criminal Justice Units on network
  • 26 Cities connected on TTUHSC Network
  • 87 Data Circuits (local loop and long haul)