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Unit 3: Healthcare Information Literacy and Patient Education

Health information literacy is necessary for patients to make informed decisions about their health care, to manage health conditions, and to communicate with healthcare providers. Varied levels of health literacy must be taken into account when patient education materials are being used or when new materials are being developed.



Students will have an understanding of health information literacy and its implications for patient care and patient education.



When the health information literacy and patient education focus is completed, the student will be able to:

  1. Understand the definition of health information literacy.
  2. Utilize strategies designed to improve health literacy.
  3. Examine, evaluate and discriminate between authoritative and less authoritative websites.
  4. Select resources that address the health information needs of a specific population.
  5. Utilize government Web sites for specific demographic/population health information needs.
  6. Utilize databases in order to find appropriate patient education materials.


Activities: (90 points)

Please complete this unit's five activities listed in Sakai.


Unit Quiz (10 points)

Please answer the questions in Sakai. All questions and exercises for this unit must be completed by November 14, 2014, 5:00pm.



  1. Word document on Action Plan to Improve Health Literacy.
  2. Word document on library resources containing patient education materials.
  3. In a Word document, evaluations of five consumer health websites.
  4. Word document detailing a health literacy communication intervention, including links to tools used and the guidelines met.
  5. Word document on health literacy journal articles obtained from PubMed database and Topic-Specific search strategies.
  6. Unit quiz.



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