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Unit 7: Presentation Software

By manipulating presentation software, sophisticated presentations can be created for educational or professional situations. These may be used to enhance verbal presentation with visuals that highlight or emphasize important points in the presentation or summarize visually what the presentation is about.


To create effective visual presentations for a targeted audience through the use of a presentation graphic software program.


When the presentation software component is completed, the student will be able to:

  1. Plan a presentation in terms of content, objectives and presentation environment.
  2. Organize material for a media presentation.
  3. Design the message appropriately for the media format in terms of font, color and layout.
  4. Use functions of a presentation software program appropriately and effectively.


Step 1. Readings.

Step 2. Discuss possible topics with instructor(s).

Step 3. View YouTube Videos

Step 4. View other required videos.

Step 5. Locate additional You Tube Video.

Step 6. Read two articles from: Write a short paragraph.

Step 7. Utilize suggested tutorials and resources or others that you find.

Step 8. Three exercises due by November 25th.

Step 9. Utilize a presentation software program exercise.

Step 10. Give an oral presentation exercise.


Minimum Time:

Approximately 10 - 12 hours.



  1. Presentation with all required elements.
  2. Uploaded evidence: - presentation plan with bibliography, - printout of presentation, - printout of speaker/audience notes, - slides that show use of four basic design principles - two versions (light and dark) of presentation - You Tube video on PowerPoint citation (you've located) and annotation
  3. Topic from Step 6. "Think outside the slide" and 25 word essay.



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Erik Wilkinson, MLS

Unit Associate Director

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Online Resources for Presentation Software

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*Required Viewing


Book Resources

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