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TTUHSC Library Card Application

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What's the difference between an R number, an eRaider and a library card?

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Will TTUHSC automatically issue me a library card?

No. Not all TTUHSC users need or want a library card. Only those who apply will be issued a card.

Is it really an actual card?

Not unless you want one. The historical term 'card' is still used, but now it's really a library 'account,' AKA library card, library card number, library barcode, or Koha account.

How do I know if I already have a library account?

If you can login here with your TTUHSC eRaider (not your R number) then you already have a library account.

How can I update my library account?

Login here with your TTUHSC eRaider (not your R number) and update your personal information.

I'm not part of TTUHSC. Can I get a card?

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I need more help

  • General questions - call 806.743.2200
  • Technical questions - Email or call 806.743.6478 (9-5 Central Time M-F)