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Sex and Gender Specific Health Curriculum

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Program Overview

The TTUHSC Sex and Gender Specific Health Curriculum Program (SGSH) began in the School of Medicine in 2010. The overarching goal of the project is to integrate sex and gender difference evidence into existing curricula, both internal and external to TTUHSC. The SGSH educational products are available via the SGSH website.

All SGSH educational products are freely available to TTUHSC faculty. Please contact for more information.

The Sex and Gender Specific Health Curriculum Program is funded by the Laura W. Bush Institute for Women's Health



  • The SGSH Learning Modules provide case-based education for healthcare students.
  • The learning modules are created by interdisciplinary teams of medical professionals and students.
  • Each module focuses on sex and gender differences within a specific disease state and can be used for healthcare education in a variety of disciplines.
  • The learning modules are designed to be integrated into existing curricula.
  • The learning modules are currently in use at TTUHSC as well as eight outside institutions.


  • The SGSH Slide Library contains didactic slide sets on specific disease states, including sex and gender difference information where applicable.
  • The slide sets are created by interdisciplinary teams of medical professionals and students.
  • The Slide Library is a resource for faculty to introduce and reinforce the importance of sex and gender specific health research in a variety of health topics. 
  • Slide sets are available for download as a whole topic or according to subtopics for integration into existing curriculum.


  • The SGSH Cases are examples of Interprofessional Education, Problem Based Learning, and Simulation cases in which appropriate sex and gender differences have been included.
  • These cases serve as an example of how to thread sex and gender differences through a new or existing case as well as an educational resource for faculty.


Please check our Communications Page where we keep you informed of new SGSH educational products, SGSH presentations, publications, and awards, upcoming SGSH events, and the latest SGSH newsletter.

This is also where you will find blogs and podcasts by faculty and students from TTUHSC and other institutions as well as journal articles and other news relevant to sex and gender specific health.