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chopperTexas Tech University Health Sciences Center operates four campuses. The Amarillo campus is a major center for medical education, research, and patient care for the 26 counties of the Texas Panhandle.

Texas Tech's Amarillo campus is set in the midst of the 417 acre Harrington Regional Medical Center complex, said to surpass any other in a city the size of Amarillo. Persons needing specialized care come from all over the Texas Panhandle and parts of five other states, a region about the size of Ohio. The number of persons served is three times the city's population.

Training at Amarillo

Five acute care facilities and 21 other health-related facilities are nestled among the trees, streams, and rolling landscape of the Medical Center park. This center includes hospitals, a cancer research and treatment center, a psychiatric and behavioral health (in and outpatient) facility, and more than a dozen other health-care facilities - all in close proximity to Texas Tech's Amarillo campus. Total licensed acute beds throughout the complex stretch to 1,298, including 33 beds at Bivins Rehabilitation Center, 18 NICU beds, and 67 other nursery beds. Licensed nursing home beds in the medical complex alone number 260, with 212 of these for skilled care.

Each year approximately 75 residents and 60 medical students are involved in medical studies and training, providing a one-to-one resident-to-faculty ratio.

Medical education includes instruction for junior and senior medical students and training of house officers in Internal Medicine , Pediatrics , Family Medicine , and Obstetrics & Gynecology - all supported by the teaching activities of the Departments of Psychiatry and Surgery.

The Harrington Library at the Health Sciences Center at Amarillo houses 41,000 volumes, subscribes to more than 500 professional journals, and offers a large collection of audio-visual resources. The service capability of the library extends nationwide through the National Library of Medicine and Dialog databases. MEDLINE on CD-ROM is also available at no charge to authorized borrowers. In addition, the latest interlibrary loan technology is utilized to obtain journal articles as quickly as possible, to better serve the needs of the medical profession.


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