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Health and The Human Spirit

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The Health and Human Spirit program explores the importance of spirituality and religion in the healing relationship. The curriculum addresses spirituality and religiousness in its application to healthcare and includes definitions of spirituality/religiousness, major world views (religions) in their interaction with healthcare, and incorporating spiritual history taking into patient care.

Health and Human Spirit Classes

This class for medical students begins with the premise that the human spirit is a part of effective healing and recognizes the spiritual dimensions of the healing vocation. The classes focus on the sources of meaning that sustain patients when illness strikes, and the role of healthcare providers in facilitating those sources.

Spirituality in Psychiatry

This course is a part of the residency training program in Psychiatry and is required for all residents. Session topics focus on the spirituality in the clinical practice of medicine that present in the care of mentally ill patients and in the Psychiatrist's role within diverse communities.

Research on Spirituality in Medicine

Center faculty conduct research into the value of addressing patients spiritual needs in the context of psychiatry.

Health and Human Spirit course, lesson on Buddhism, from local Buddhist teacher, Erica Richardson.

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From left to right: Dr. Cheryl Erwin, director of program; Dr. Tom McGovern, Professor Emeritus; Dr. Janeta Tansey, visiting associate professor. Dr. Tansey joined Dr. McGovern on his radio show "Faith Matters" to discuss the importance of faith in her life and in her work. Catch Dr. Tom McGovern's weekly radio show on KTTZ-FM, 89.1 Sundays at 5pm. 

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