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November 9th 2017: Special Speaker event with Dr. Van McCrary. Dr. McCrary visited Lubbock from Stonybrook Medical School to give a talk titled: The Culture of Medicine: Insights from Qualitative Sociology Research. 

October 31, 2017: Faculty Ethics Lecture Series Grand Rounds. Dr. Erwin spoke to faculty members on Casuistry and Virtue Ethics. Students enrolled in the "Introduction to Bioethics" course presented medical law cases related to this topic. Dr. Tobias Kroll joined them to present rebuttal arguments on topic.

GRpresentersstudent present

October 2017:Our students volunteered to deliver food donations to the Children’s Advocacy Center in Lubbock. Pictured are Clarissa Ramirez and Maricela Chavez, students in the MHCP. They are pictured here with Elmira Ahnood. food donation

The Center is proud to be a co-sponsor of the Museum by Night Program at the Museum of Texas Tech University. Certificate Program student Kristin Kinsley was on hand to celebrate Dr. J. Ted Hartman, one of the soldiers who liberated Normandy during WWII. This exhibit is currently on display at the Texas Tech Museum, for more information visit here.

Liberator Hartmanmuseum flyer

October 21, 2017: Dr. Cheryl Erwin and Dr. Craig Klugman ( spoke at the American Society for Bioethics and Humanities Annual Conference ( on the topic of “Contingency Ethics”. The discussion of recent public health crises in Texas and Florida provided for stimulating conversation with an interdisciplinary national group of scholars.

September 20th 2017: Dr. Erwin spoke at the Texas Tech University School of Law. The topic of her discussion was the ethics of human enhancement with technological implants. Other panel members included Dr. Tom McGovern, also from the Center for Ethics, Humanities and Spirituality, Bruce Clarke, Professor of English, and Professors Vicki Sutton and Jorge Ramirez from the School of Law. The conversation focused on a recent film produced by Professor Sutton.

September 21st 2017: The Center for Ethics, Humanities and Spirituality co-sponsored the first event in the series TTU Museum by Night. The event hosted community members, students, and faculty for an evening spent learning about the science and pleasure of wine. Dr. Lisa Popp, from the Department of Medical Education was a featured speaker at the event. Many of our Medical Humanities Certificate Program students were in attendance.

August 21, 2017: Certificate Program student, Karl Mueller, volunteered at the Science Spectrum at their Eclipse Viewing day.

 kmueller at museum                         kmueller at museum

August 15, 2017: Certificate Program Orientation. Students who were interested in joining the Medical Humanities Certificate program or who wanted to learn about the upcoming courses for this year, attended the annual orientation and received the option to apply certificate program. 

August 14, 2017:  MS2 Welcome Back Breakfast. MHCP returning second year students attended a breakfast held at Dr. Erwin's home. 

July 2017: Dr. Erwin will return to the XXXV International Congress on Law and Mental Health in Prague, July 2017. Dr. Erwin will discuss the ethical issues of epigenetic technologies on autonomy and self perception.

June 9, 2017: Dr. Tedd Mitchell, Dr. Tom McGovern, and Dr. Cheryl Erwin joined the Texas Tech community in honoring Founding Dean Ted Hartmann (seen here with his son Tom) at the groundbreaking ceremony for expansions to the TTUHSC campus. For more information on the building expansion, click here.

Ground breaking with Deans and Director

April 28, 2017: Dr. Erwin presented a talk on the role of the medical humanities in building professionalism and resilience in medical students at the Academy for Professionalism in Health Care 5th Annual Meeting in Chicago, Illinois.


April 21, 2017: Dr. Erwin presented the Keynote Lecture for the 16th Annual Global Biosecurity Symposium alongside Dr. Sheri Dacso, Partner in Seyfarth Shaw. The topic of this joint presentation is “Ethical Challenges in Biosecurity and the Lawyer’s Obligation”. Joint credit with law and medical students was provided at the event.


March 24, 2017: Dr. Tom McGovern joined Dr. Janeta Tansey, Dr. Abraham Nussbaum, and Dr. Erwin for a panel discussion of Dr. Nussbaum’s new book – The Finest Traditions of My Calling – at the 2017 Conference on Medicine and Religion held in Houston, Texas March 24-26, 2017.

March 21, 2017: Medical Humanities Banquet celebrated the accomplishments of our 2017 Certificate Program Graduates.

grad 2017

November 17, 2016: Dr. Cheryl Erwin served as a consultant to UTMB’s Institute for the Medical Humanities as Heather Carson successfully defended her PhD thesis. Dr. Carson’s dissertation is titled “Evaluating the Target-Population Recommendations for Influenza Vaccination: Evidence and Ethics”.


 Pearcy Dissertation

July 2015: Dr. Cheryl Erwin presented at the XXXIV International Congress on Law and Mental Health held at Sigmund Freud University in Vienna, Austria. Her talk was part of a panel with the topic “Behavioural Epigenetics: Clinical, Legal and Ethical Implications.” Dr. Erwin’s subject was “Ethical Issues Raised by Epigenetic Testing.”

vienna conference

In the photo from right are Dr. Cheryl Erwin of Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine, Dr. Robert A. Philibert of the University of Iowa School of Medicine, Professor Sarah Wilker of Ulm University School of Medicine, Dr. Tracy Gunter of the Indiana University School of Medicine, and Professor Nic Terry of the Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law. All were on the epigenetics panel.

Upcoming Events:

Ongoing: MHCP courses and events  are scheduled through out the year. To learn about those ongoing classes and when they are scheduled, click here

November 16, 2017: Museum by Night. 6pm. The Center for Ethics, Humanitites and Spirituality has partnered with the Texas Tech Museum for this event held on the third Thursday from September to November. Join us at this free event for a night of culture, music and art. 

 museum flyer