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Preceptor Application

The Preceptor Program is a partnership between TTUHSC School of Medicine and Community Physicians [Clinical Faculty] throughout the region who volunteer their time to help education and train medical students and resident physicians.

Dubose     Wheeler

Our Preceptors provide unique opportunities by teaching and guiding the students' medical and clinical experiences. They provide an environment where students achieve the physician-patient relationship.

May     Preceptor

Our Preceptors get a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment in "giving back" as they are a very important part of the career planning for future physicians.

How to Apply

The Director of Community Physician Relations is available to assist with the application process. Contact for assistance.

  • Physician submits a letter of interest to the specialty department chair.
  • Provide a current curriculum vitae (including SSN and DOB).
  • Submit three letters of recommendation.

Applications will be review by the Faculty Appointments Committee, and physician will be notified about their clinical appointment by mail.