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Faculty Women's Club Activities and Events

Welcome2017 Welcome Brunch
September 12, 2017
Valentines2016 Valentines Dinner
February 14, 2016
BirthingCenter2016 Tour of UMC Birthing Center
January 12, 2016
Holiday2014 Home of Holiday Cheer! Holiday Tea with University Women's Club
December 7, 2014
WarMemorial2014 Home of the Brave! Visit to Lubbock War Memorial
November 11, 2014
Hippotherapy2014 Home of the Hippotherapy! Tour of the TTU Therapeutic Riding Center
October 14, 2014
FortyYears2014 Celebrating 40 Years of the Faculty Women's Club
April 8, 2014
Valentines2014 Valentine's Dinner at Skyviews of Texas Tech
February 14, 2014
FoodBank2013 Tour and Lunch at the South Plains Food Bank
December 7, 2013
Holiday2013 Holiday Coffee with TTU UWC and FWC of TTUHSC, Home of Nancy Neal
December 7, 2013
EmeraldCity2013 Be Creative at Emerald City
November 12, 2013
AppleCountry2013 Tour and lunch at Apple Country
August 8, 2013
FWCBoard2013 Faculty Women's Club Board Planning Meeting at The Egg & I
August 2013
StyleShow2013 Style Show at Dillards with Brenda Becknell and lunch at Carino’s
March 12, 2013
CancerLab2013 Tour of TTUHSC Cancer Center Lab with Dr. Pat Reynolds
January 8, 2013
Holiday2012 Holiday Coffee with TTU UWC and FWC of TTUHSC, TTU Visitors Center
December 1, 2012
Rejuvination2012 Presentation by Dr. Fitz from Bella Derm Spa and lunch at Stella’s Restaurant
November 13, 2012
KCBDTour2012 Tour of KCBD Studios and lunch at the Texas Tech Club
October 9, 2012
Welcome2012 Welcome Brunch at Alina Detoledo's Home
September 11, 2012
FWCBoard2012 Faculty Women's Club Board Kick-Off Meeting
August 2012
HomeStaging2011 Presentation on home staging and luncheon
April 12, 2011
Valentines2011 Valentine's Dinner at Skyviews Restaurant
February 14, 2011
AlzheimersTour2011 Alzheimer's Brain Bank/Free Clinic Tour
March 8, 2011
SimLifeTour2011 SimLife Clinical Simulation Center Tour
January 11, 2011
LegacyTour2010 Legacy Event Center Tour
November 9, 2010
FootballTour2010 TTU Football Facilities Tour
October 14, 2010
SilentWings2010 Silent Wings Museum Tour
October 12, 2010
Welcome2010 Welcome Brunch at Shirley Berk's Home
September 14, 2010
StudentRunClinic2010 Laptop Donation to the Student Run Free Clinic
July 2010
Windmill2010 American Wind Power Center and Museum
April 13, 2010
GardenArts2010 Municipal Garden and Arts Center Program
March 9, 2010
Valentines2010 Valentine's Dinner at Skyviews Restaurant
February 14, 2010
World2010 Let's Tour the World Presentation at June Wagner-Wachtel's Home
January 12, 2010
Holiday2009 Holiday Coffee with Texas Tech University Women's Club
December 5, 2009
LifeGift2009 Life Gift Donation Meeting
November 10, 2009
LawSchool2009 TTU Law School Tour and lunch at Woodrow House Bed and Breakfast
October 18, 2009
SockHop2009 50s Sock Hop at Jennifer Hancock's Home
September 25, 2009
Welcome2009 Welcome Brunch at Thuy Yeoman's Home
September 8, 2009
FWCBoard2009 Faculty Women's Club Board Kick-Off Meeting
August 5, 2009
Welcome2008 Welcome Brunch at Libby Quattromani's Home
September 9, 2008
Valentines2006 Valentine's Dinner at Skyviews Restaurant
February 14, 2006
Dimensions2006 Dimensions Presentation
January 10, 2006
TTUArt2005 Tour of Public Art at Texas Tech University
November 9, 2005
Halloween2005 Halloween Presentation on Arachnophobia
October 11, 2005

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