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FMAT Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is eligible for the FMAT program?

A. The Texas Tech School of Medicine is currently recruiting for two FMAT Classes-- the FMAT Class of 2019 and the FMAT Class of 2020. Students who have already been accepted and enrolled as first-year students in the Texas Tech School of Medicine are eligible to apply for FMAT Class of 2019.  Students who are applying to begin their first-year of medical school in August 2017 may apply for the FMAT Class of 2020.  A portion of the FMAT Class of 2020 will be invited to join the program from the beginning of their time in medical school.  The remainder of the Class of 2020 will be selected during their first year of medical school.

Q. How many students will be accepted into F-MAT

A.  Current plans call for 12 students to be accepted into each class.  The reason for this small number (about 7% of the current class) is to ensure that each student receives close mentoring and support.  In addition, because these students will enter the Texas Tech Family Medicine residency programs in Amarillo, Lubbock, and the Permian Basin, it is necessary to restrict the FMAT classes to about one-half of the size of each residency class (approximately 7 in Lubbock, 5 in Amarillo and 3 in the Permian Basin).

Q. What will be the criteria for acceptance into FMAT?

A.  Students who are good candidates for FMAT are those with a definite preference for a career in primary care and family medicine and who have performed academically in the top half of their class at the time of application.  Students should also be mature and have excellent study skills and preparation for a challenging year-round program.

Q. What are the application process and timeline for FMAT?

A.  The online application for FMAT is will be available November 1, 2016 through midnight on Sunday, February 1, 2017, for both the Class of 2019 and the Class of 2020.  Applicants are asked to answer the following questions:

  • What motivates you to participate in the FMAT program?
  • What experience have you had that would prepare you for this intensive program?
  • What, in your opinion, distinguishes Family Medicine from other medical specialties?

For those applying for the Class of 2019, interviews with the FMAT selection committee will be during the first week of February, with every effort made to extend program acceptance by February 16, 2017. 

Those applying for the Class of 2020 may indicate their interest on the TTUSOM secondary application.  For those invited to interview for medical school, an FMAT interview will be arranged.

Q If I am accepted into FMAT, when will I graduate from medical school?

A  Student selected for FMAT will participate in commencement from medical school in May of their third year, although they will not complete all of their coursework requirements until the end of June.  FMAT students will begin three years of residency training the following July.  For example, students selected for the FMAT Class of 2015 will "walk" in graduation in May 2015, finish coursework in June 2015, begin residency training in July 2015, and complete residency training in June 2018.

Q  If I change my mind about a career in Family Medicine, or if I decide that I do not want to accelerate my medical training, can I opt-out of the program?

A  Yes, you may opt out of the FMAT program during your MS2 or MS3 year and return to the regular 4-year curriculum.  If you do not choose to complete the program, the scholarship that you received during your MS2 year will revert to a loan and will be subject to repayment.

Q  What happens if I receive failing grades in FMAT coursework or other courses and clerkships?

A  You will return to the regular 4-year curriculum and be expected to complete it with passing grades.

Q  What happens if I don’t pass Step 1?

A  You will return to the regular 4-year curriculum, and delay further training until you pass Step 1.

Q  Will I be expected to take Step 2?

A  You will be expected to take and pass Step 2CK prior to graduation, which is a Texas Tech School of Medicine requirement.  You will not need to pass Step 2 CS prior to graduation, but your residency program will require you to take and pass Step 2CS before your PGY1 year.

Q  Will I need to enter the National Resident Matching Program (NMRP, or “The Match”)?

A  Yes, you will still need to register with and participate in The Match, with the expectation that you will rank as your first choice the Family Medicine program where you complete the FMAT3 course.

Q  Can I also complete the MD/MBA or MD/PhD program?

A  No, this intensive program will not allow time to complete joint degree programs.

Q  How will my residency training be different?

A  Your 3-year Family Medicine residency training will not differ from that of non FMAT students.

Q  Will I be able to complete fellowship training following residency?

A  Yes, in fact, pursuing additional training in geriatrics, palliative care, women’s health, adolescent medicine or sports medicine may be especially appealing, since you will complete your training one year earlier than had you not completed the FMAT program.

Q. When will campus assignments be made for the FMAT3 and residency years?

A  Campus assignments will be made in February.  Students will have the opportunity to visit each campus, if they choose to do so (some travel funds are available) and to rank their campus preferences. Every effort will be made to link students with their campus preferences.

Please contact the following individuals for more information about the Family Medicine Accelerated Track:
Media Requests: Mary Croyle, TTUHSC Director of Communications and Marketing
School of Medicine Curriculum Information:  Simon Williams, PhD, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
School of Medicine Admissions:  Kimberli Peck, MD, Associate Dean for Admissions
Family Medicine Program Information: Betsy Jones, EdD, F-MAT Program Co-Director or Ron Cook, DO., F-MAT Program Co-Director