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The Texas Tech Medcast is a podcast for medical residents, medical students, practicing physicians, and others involved in medical education and high quality, patient-centered primary care. The Texas Tech MedCast Series are available as a subscription or as individual episodes at no charge from the Apple iTunes Music Store (search Texas Tech or MedCast).

The Continuity Clinic is a medical education podcast series that focuses on the relationship between the doctor and the patient.  This series shows the challenges and rewards of providing continuous, high quality care of patients and their families over time.  Each patient vignette is developed over the course of several podcast episodes, where listeners can eavesdrop on the developing relationship between a patient and student physician.

The Continuity Clinic podcasts may be used in conjunction with the textbook Patient-Centered Interviewing: An Evidence-Based Method by Robert C. Smith.   This series was developed with support from the Heath Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) for use with the Texas Tech School of Medicine Continuity Clinic Experience course for third-year medical students (Drs. MIke Ragain and Lynn Bickley, Course Directors).

Texas Tech MedCast Podcast Series:
Modules and Episodes & Link to the MP3 File Cast of Characters

Mr. Delgado Module

Instructor's Guide

  • Hector Delgado is a 57-year-old Hispanic man who comes to the Family Medicine clinic at the academic health center because he has a new job with a trucking company.  The company requires that Mr. Delgado get a health physical before he can drive long-haul routes.  Mr. Delgado has been scheduled into a Continuity Clinic appointment with a third-year medical student, Heather Price.  Over the course of four podcasts, which cover about 8 months, you'll meet Mr. Delgado and his wife Sylvia.  You'll also meet Heather, her attending physician Dr. Andrews, and the clinic nurse, Vicki. 

  • Episode 1:   Mr. Delgado arrives on August 1 for his first appointment with Heather Price in the Continuity Clinic. As you listen to this episode, pay attention to Heather's interviewing style and the types of questions she asks.  Listen for any attempts that Heather makes to build a respectful relationship with her new patient.
  • Episode 2 :  Mr. Delgado has returned to the Continuity Clinic on August 15 because his potential employer is concerned about sugar in his urine.  As you listen to this episode, pay attention to the techniques that Heather, Dr. Andrews, and Mr. Delgado all use to build relationships and determine a plan for diagnosing and treating Mr. Delgado's diabetes.
  • Episode 3 :  Mr. Delgado has returned to the Continuity Clinic on November 15 for a follow-up visit.  As you listen to this episode, consider the Stages of Change model, which is often used to describe how behavior change occurs.  The stages of change are precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action and maintenance.  Listen for clues to Mr. Delgado's stages and to Heather's understanding of where he is on that continuum.
  • Episode 4 :  Mr. Delgado, accompanied by his wife Sylvia, has returned to the Continuity Clinic on May 15 for a follow-up visit.  It has been 6 months since our last episode, but three months since his last visit.  As you listen to this episode, continue to consider techniques for helping patients with behavior change.  Listen for Heather's use of the CAGE technique in assessing Mr. Delgado's use of alcohol.  CAGE is a mnemonic device that can be used to help ask questions about whether a patient is concerned about alcohol use or has tried to cut-down, is angry when people ask about drinking, ever feels guilt about drinking, and ever uses alcohol as eye-opener the  next morning.

Gernam Nunez, PhD

Mr. Delgado: German Nunez, PhD

Marbella Zumaya, MD

Heather Price: Marbella Zumaya, MD

Mike Ragain, MD

Dr. Andrews: Mike Ragain, MD

shelley smith

Nurse Vicki: Shelley Stevens, LVN

yolanda sanchez

Mrs. Delgado: Yolanda Sanchez 

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