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The Texas Tech Medcast is a podcast for medical residents, medical students, practicing physicians, and others involved in medical education and high quality, patient-centered primary care. The Texas Tech MedCast Series are available as a subscription or as individual episodes at no charge from the Apple iTunes Music Store (search Texas Tech or MedCast).
This series provides tools to help you prepare for the MCAT, gather useful premed experiences, and write an effective personal statement for your med school application.  Producers of this series are Dr. Betsy Jones (Family Medicine), Dr. Kitty McMahon (Pharmacology & Neurosciences), Dr. Bernell Dalley (Cell Biology and Office of Admissions), and Trevor Yates (Office of Admissions).

Texas Tech MedCast Podcast Series:

Modules and Episodes & Link to the MP3 File Presenters

Personal Statement Module

  • Audience and Purpose:  This episode discusses the importance of the personal statement, its audience, and its purpose, both for the reader and for the writer.
  • Self Assessment:  This episode discusses how to inventory your own background, your strengths, values, preparation for medical school, and any problems, before you write the personal statement.
  • Theme and Organization:  This episode focuses on common themes and typical organization for the personal statement with special emphasis on introductions.
  • Avoiding Common Problems:  This episode focuses on avoiding common errors with content, tone and mechanics in the medical school application personal statement.
  • Finding Your Voice:  This episode focuses on finding your own original voice and positive tone, as well as advice on professional editing services.

Betsy Jones, EdD
Associate Professor of
Family Medicine, Lubbock

Anatomy Module

  • The Spinal   Nerve:  This episode gives an overview of the typical spinal nerve.
  • The Heart:  This episode gives an overview of the heart and mediastinum.
  • The Abdomen, Part I: This episode discusses the abdominal inguinal region, the deep inguinal ring, and inguinal hernias.
  • The Abdomen, Part 2:  This episode discusses the abdominal hepatic portal vein, portal-caval anastomoses, splenic flexure.
  • The Abdomen, Part 3:  This episode discusses the abdominal lymphatic drainage and peritoneum.
  • The Lungs and Pleura:  This episode discusses the lungs and the pleura.

Bernell Dalley, PhD

Bernell Dalley, PhD
Professor of Cell Biology and Biochemistry, Lubbock
and Director of Admissions, Texas Tech School of Medicine
with help from
Betsy Jones, EdD
Family Medicine, Lubbock

PreMed 101 Module

  • Planning for Financial Aid:  This episode discusses financing your medical education-- types of aid, how to access aid, premed expenses, and statistics about tuition and indebtedness.
  • Shadowing and Caring Activities:  This episode discusses the value of shadowing in health care settings to learn more about the practice of medicine and to demonstrate your dedication; it also outlines the importance of caring activities.
  • Letters of Evaluation:  This episode gives an overview of the importance of letters of evaluation, their typical components, and what reviewers look for.

Trevor Yates

Trevor Yates
Assistant Director of Admissions
Texas Tech School of Medicine with help from Medical Students
at Texas Tech in Lubbock

For more information about the Texas Tech MedCast series
contact Betsy Goebel Jones, EdD, Podcast Producer.

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