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    Joe Fralick, Ph.D.
    Office Phone: 806-743-2555
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  • NIH Postdoctoral Fellow: University of Utah, 1973
  • PhD: Univeristy of Tennessee Knoxville, 1970
  • BA: San Jose State University, 1965


Selected Publications

  • Kay, Mathew & Fralick, Joe (2016) Display Phage Therapy: The Development of a Probiotic Bio-therapeutic for Countermeasures against Cholera Toxin. CRC Press.
  • Fralick, Joe & Kay, Mathew (2016) Display Phage Therapy: The Development of a Probiotic Biotherapeutic for Countermeasures against Cholera Toxin CRC Press Boca Raton, 133-148.
  • Yates, Zeni & Fralick, Joe (2015) Characterization of mutations affecting the assembly of TolC. Conference Proceedings of 7th Annual Meeting of Center for Membrane Protein Research.
  • Bai, J & Bhagavathi, R & Tran, Phat & Muzzarelli, K & Wang, D & Fralick, Joe May (2014) Evidence that the C-terminal region is involved in the stability and functionality of OprM in E. coli. Microbiological research169, 5-6, 425-31.
  • Kay, Mathew & Fralick, Joe Monitoring Active Phage Infections on clinically Relevant Mature E. coli biofilms using a lux chemiluminescence marker American Society for Microbiology - Texas Branch.