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Honors Project Objectives

The P3-1 Honors Project is an activity within the P3-1 course where groups of first-year medical students are asked to identify community needs that affect health outcomes, collect data to assess the current status for a particular population, and gain skills working as a group. Students participating in an Honors Project will:

  • Identify community needs that affect health outcomes
  • Perform research and data collection activities to assess the current status of community and population needs
  • Gain skills working as a group
  • Navigate the complexities of working with a community partner
  • Present a project in a scholarly forum

Project Scope

  • The Honors Project continues from first year to second year as part of P3/Docs
    • P3-1: Students identify a population and problem, exploring the problem in the community via a needs assessment and planning an intervention.
    • P3-2: Students implement and evaluate the planned intervention
  • For both experiences, completion of an Honors Project is required to achieve honors

Honors Project Omnibus Survey

The Honors Project Omnibus Survey provides a single data collection vehicle for student groups that have identified a group within the TTUHSC community as their population of interest. 

Each category of questions included in this survey has been submitted by student groups, so please be aware that there make be duplicate questions. We appreciate your willingness to participate in this student project, and you may choose not to answer any question. This survey project has been approved for exempt review by the TTUHSC Institutional Review Board (IRB#L-14-070). By completing this survey, you are consenting to participate in a research project.

Please take the Omnibus Survey here 

Honors Project Documents

Honors Project Assignment

Honors Project Assignment Faculty Instructions

Honors Project Poster (STFM MSE 2014)

Omnibus Survey Question Set 2014

Omnibus Survey 2013

Honors Project MS1