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P3 Honors Project 

The P3-1 Honors Project is an activity within the P3-1 course where groups of first-year medical students are asked to identify community needs that affect health outcomes, collect data to assess the current status for a particular population, and gain skills working as a group. The Honors Project Omnibus Survey provides a single data collection vehicle for student groups that have identified a group within the TTUHSC community as their population of interest.

Learn more about P3/DOCS Honors Project here

Take the Honors Project Omnibus Survey here

P3-C Selectives Week: March 19-13

The 2014 Selectives Week will mirror an academic conference—a week's worth of worth of sessions that provide MS1 and MS2 students with opportunities to learn about clinical and non-clinical areas that correspond to their personal interests. Offerings during the week will include:

  1. 2-hour clinical sessions where students can develop hands-on skills or gain experience in clinical settings
  2. 1-hour break-out sessions on a wide range of topics of interest to medical pre-clinical medical students
  3. Keynote sessions for all student participants (TBA)
  4. Poster session for MS1 Honors Projects (Friday)

Learn more about P3-C Selectives Week and download session forms here.

Pictures from P3-C Week


P3/DOCS Honors Project