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This location contains links to a variety of readings in medical education.  These are added in no special order and I invite suggestions for additional references.  Where I find useful readings that already exist at other sites I will add the links here.

Primer on Deliberate Practice - written by John Pelley, PhD, as a quick reference resource document. This article summarizes much of the Deliberate Practice research that is most directly relevant to the Expert Skills Program.

Who Does What in Medicine? - written by Suzanne Brue, a former premedical advisor at the University of Vermont.  This article summarizes the influence of personality type on specialty choice.

Doctors and Type - Written by Patricia Williams, MD, a former family practice physician.  This article shows the effect of different personality type characteristics on the practice of medicine.

Overcoming Physician Resistance - Written by Patricia Williams, MD.  Although written for those who would be consulting with practice groups, this article provides additional insights into the relationship between personality type and medical practice.

Concept Mapping: A Tool for Both Sensing and Intuitive Types - Written by John W. Pelley, PhD.  A concise description of the contribution of concept mapping to sensing and intuitive types and barriers that apply to both types.

Concept Mapping in Med School - Written by John W. Pelley, PhD.  Compares concept mapping with linear outlining and provides steps to take in developing a concept map.

The Care Of The Patient - A Landmark Article in JAMA of Francis Peabody's classic lecture.  Also, accompanied by a Landmark Perspective Commentary.  This article, published in 1929, is so contemporary in its philosophy, it could have been written last week. (permission requested)

Origins and Evolution of the Western Diet - Authored by Loren Cordain and published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, this article is a key reference for anyone who needs to understand the health implications of the modern "Western" diet.  It compares foods that were not available during the evolution of our metabolism to the health outcomes that have emerged in the modern era.

Are Medical Lectures Harmful to the Process of Learning? - Authored by Willis Hurst and published on the Medscape website, this article is a thoughtful perspective on learning.  It is one of the few references by any educator to the fact that students have to learn how to learn.

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