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non-TTUHSC ESP Block 1: Self-Study Activities

Note that the self-study for nonTTUHSC schools is identical to that for TTUHSC except for comments regarding deadlines and other minor aspects of administration that allow for individual differences.

Summary:  The self-study begins with an introduction to the significance of learning style and its relationship to personality type.  You will then progress through a series of videos that will culminate with two videos that apply the theory to learning methods.  The outcome of the self-study will be an approach to managing your time and your learning with increasing skill as you progress through medical school.  More information on the ESP is available at the Introduction to ESP video

1. Download the book, SuccessTypes in Medical Education

Originally published in print form as “SuccessTypes for Medical Students: A Program for Improving Academic Performance,”  this book is no longer in print but is now available to you free online in the updated electronic version, “SuccessTypes in Medical Education, Version 1.1.” 

2. Download and complete the ESP Comprehensive Self-Study Guide at your own pace.
  • The study guide is designed to focus your reading on the important points.  It gives you something to look “for.”
  • It is provided as a “doc” file, instead of “pdf,” for your convenience in keyboard recording of answer responses.
  • It will help you focus on the important points to learn and will help you to use Deliberate Practice with your learning style.
3. Associated links for use in completing the study guide:
  • Video 0 - Introduction to ESP for students (not covered by study guide but listed for convenience)
  • Video 1 - The Growth Mindset and Increasing Intelligence
  • Video 2 - Clinical Skill Areas of the Cortex
  • Video 3 - Learning Style, Personality Type, and Specialty Choice
  • Video 4 - Changing Your Brain to Improve Learning Skills
  • Video 5 - Brain Skill Development with Concept Maps
  • Video 6 - The Power of Us: Question Analysis Groups (QuAGs) and Mindful Learning

Completion deadline:  Prior to orientation week.  Please follow instructions provided by your school.  Since you may have undertaken the ESP self-study in the absence of a recommendation by your school, it would be worthwhile to provide feedback to either your curriculum dean or your student affairs dean regarding your experience.  If they have questions, please suggest that they contact me at and I will help.