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Presentation Slides

This page contains links to slidesets on various topics in medical education. Each can serve as an idea generator for others to develop their own presentations.

Deliberate Practice and the Expert Skills Program at Texas Tech.  This lecture was part of the orientation/workshop block for 2012.  This will be updated each year as the presentation is updated.

Developing a Step 1 Brain.  This lecture was designed for second year medical students and is maximally effective at the beginning of the second year or end of the first year.

Teaching to Transform the Brain.  This lecture was designed to present essentially the same concepts that are presented to students in the Neurobiology of Learning lecture, but from a faculty perspective.

Patient Communications and Personality Type.  This lecture was has been well received from first year medical students to residents.  It is derived from Judy Allen's work on personality type in healthcare communications and reveals how behavioral cues can guide the communication by physicians of any personality type.  It also provides guidance on the four basic ways that patients prefer to be given bad news.

Teaching Clinical Reasoning to the Novice.  This lecture has been well received by physicians because it helps in understanding how experts reason differently than novices.  Some simple to follow guidelines allow expert physicians to communicate their thinking more effectively.