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TTUHSC ESP Block 2: Orientation Week Workshops

This page is designed to give TTUHSC SOM students advance access to the materials covered during orientation activities prior to the start of classes.  Time and place to be announced by email.  Other students are also welcome here, but these activities may not occur at your school, or they may be managed differently (see the non-TTUHSC program description). 

ESP Orientation - Lecture

This one hour lecture session will review the main concepts covered to this point in the program followed by an overview of the remaining steps needed to complete it.

This will be an opportunity to ask questions and address uncertainties. 

Concept Mapping - Workshop

This workshop will last for 2 hours.  We will use the "Anatomy Terminology" document from the SuccessTypes unit in the Self-Study Block as the source material. This material is essential learning in anatomy so the workshop is "study time."  The exercises are designed to comfortably simulate recommended activities every evening.

Question Analysis/Study Groups - Workshop

This workshop will last for 60 minutes.  We will use the text, Clinically Oriented Anatomy by Moore, et al., 6th Ed., although earlier editions will still also work.  Unlike the concept mapping exercises that should be done at the end of every day of class, the question analysis system should be implemented once or twice a week allowing time for adequate familiarization with the topics to be discussed.  This method will comprise the core method for Block 3 ESP Step 1 Prep.

Skills acquired in the Block 2 workshops are developed in the Block 3 ESP Step 1 Prep.

  • These sessions are extracurricular, but highly relevant since they will always be correlated with current course content. 
  • Details of the program will be presented during the ESP Orientation.

Best wishes for a strong start at Texas Tech and for your healthy growth physically, mentally, and spiritually, as a new physician.

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