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Program Description

PGY1 (Intern)

Resident will spend the initial six months with the Department of Surgery at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in rotations, including: general surgery, anesthesia, surgical critical care, neurological surgery, pediatric surgery and trauma/burn. The remaining six months of the year are spent on Otolaryngology Services.  The role of the intern on these services is primarily to manage inpatient care.  However, the intern is typically assigned to clinic or surgical cases appropriate to their level of training. 



Resident rotates six months on the General Otolaryngology, three months on the Pediatric Otolaryngology and three months on the Head & Neck Surgery/Laryngology rotation.  On each of these services, the resident sees all inpatient consultations.  Responsibilities are split between clinic and the operating room.  In particular, the resident becomes very proficient at airway management (tracheostomy, direct laryngoscopy, etc.) and general pediatric procedures. 



Resident year is split between time on the General Otolaryngology services (General, Pediatric and Otology). Responsibilities are split between clinic and operating room.  The PGY3 resident gains significant experience with basic otolaryngology procedures, sinus surgery, septo-rhinoplasty and facial reconstruction. The last three months of rotation includes Otology completed with our clinical faculty in Ft. Worth, Texas.



Resident rotates three months on General Otolaryngology, Head/Neck Laryn, Otology/Neurotology and Pediatric Otolaryngology.  The PGY4 resident spends a large majority of their time in the operating room and gain significant experience with multiple head and neck procedures.  This year is also an opportunity to build on previous experience with sinus surgery, septo-rhinoplasty, and facial reconstruction.  


PGY5 (Chief)

Resident rotates three months on Head/Neck Laryn, three months on General Facial/Plastics and six months on General Otolaryngology.  The resident spends a large majority of their time in the operating room.  They are the chiefs on all services and direct junior residents.  The Chief Resident has significant autonomy and directly mentors a PGY2 in the clinic and operating room.  The Chief resident gains significant experience in advanced surgical cases and is able to finesse their surgical skills with increased independence.


Residency Program Contact Information

Lisa Campbell
Residency Coordinator

P (806) 743-3489
F (806) 743-2374

3601 4th St., MS 8312
Lubbock, TX 79430