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Liquid Based Pap Technology

Liquid-based Pap Technology

Improves and standardizes the quality of cell collection and slide preparation.

Instead of smearing a cervical specimen onto a slide (as with the conventional Pap smear), the Physician:

  • Transfers the specimen to a vial of preservative solution.
  • Vial is capped, sealed and sent to the laboratory for processing.
  • An automated slide preparation process disperses the contents of the specimen, thereby:
    • reducing effects of blood, mucus, inflammation and obscuring elements without affecting cell morphology.
  • A thin, even layer of cellular material is then systematically deposited onto a glass slide.
  • The end result is a more uniform preparation of well-preserved cells ready for microscopic examination.

These improvements address the majority of recognized limitations associated with the conventional Pap smear and provide an improved patient specimen for interpretation.

The liquid-based Pap collection process also allows for retesting and adjunctive testing.