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Steven Berk, M.D., dean of the TTUHSC School of Medicine, says there are several things people can do to protect themselves from the flu this season:

Frequent hand washing will prevent the virus from getting into the body. Keep the virus away from direct bodily contact by washing your hands or using a hand sanitizer frequently, especially after being in a public setting. Soap and water will keep the virus off your hands preventing it from slipping through to your nose or throat.

When you cough, cover your mouth or cough in your sleeve. If you are not in good health, avoid crowds during flu season.

If you develop flu symptoms stay home, you will likely be ill for several days . When you have had no fever for 24 hours – you may return.

If you are seriously ill- with high fever, shortness of breath, or difficulty breathing, see your doctor. Some will need acute care and hospitalization. There is an antiviral treatment medicine. "Tamiflu" inhibits the virus's penetration ability leaving it ineffective.