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Weave Deadline: September 30, 2015!

Hello Weave Users!  The deadline to complete your 2014-2015 Weave plans is September 30, 2015.

 Weave plans will continue to be reviewed annually through a cross-disciplinary review process in order to promote continuous improvement and to provide feedback for each plan.  A committee of TTUHSC faculty from each school will review and evaluate all academic program plans.   A committee of TTUHSC staff from different areas across the institution will review and evaluate all administrative plans.  Results will be communicated to appropriate representatives for each Weave plan and will be compiled into an Executive Summary to be presented to the President’s Executive Council.    

 As a reminder, the following elements in Weave should be completed no later than September 30, 2015:

    • Mission Statement
    • Outcomes/Objectives: Each Outcome/Objective should be linked to appropriate elements of the TTUHSC strategic plan, which has already been entered into Weave.
    • Measures
    • Targets
    • Findings
    • Analysis Questions

Please contact Leslie Collins at or 743-2918 for questions and training dates!

General Resources

Cheat Sheet for TTUHSC Assessment

Guidelines for Documenting Institutional Effectiveness

Weave Frequently Asked Questions

Assessment Plan Reviews

To ensure continued quality of assessment plans in Weave, we have implemented a systematic process for reviewing these plans. Additional information can be located in the following documents:

Training Resources

Mission Statement - Print PDF

Student Learning Outcomes - Print PDF (for Academic Programs)

Outcomes and Objectives - Print PDF(for Administrative Units)

Measures - Print PDF

Targets - Print PDF

Findings - Print PDF

Analysis Questions - Print PDF

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