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Pandemic Influenza (Flu) is a flu that spreads very quickly all over the world. Texas faces unique challenges in preparing for and responding to a potential pandemic flu event, especially since we don't know when a pandemic will occur.

What is pandemic flu? How can we prepare? Where can we more get information? Who's in charge? These are very good questions. This website is designed to provide information and links to resources to help answer those questions and many more. We know it is hard to get people to be involved in responding to a threat they can't see. We also know preparation is one of the most important steps in advance of a pandemic. You and your community are very important to that preparation. So, let's explore the website for information; history; tools such as checklists, information sheets, and guides; and links to many more resources to help you prepare for and respond to a pandemic.


History Lessons

historic pandemicA pandemic flu occurred in the United States in 1918, in 1957, and in 1968. Studying pandemics may help some to understand how best to prepare for a future pandemic.  The United States Department of Health and Human Services' website detailing the 1918 pandemic offers a glimpse into history. Click here to learn about the 1918 pandemic.

As of August 3, 2009
current situation
H1N1 Influenza A (formerly 'swine flu') Find general info and recommendations for both the public and health care providers.
New Video video link A brief introduction to pan flu -- made in, about, and for West Texas communities.
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