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Information for Arriving Graduate Students

Welcome aboard! We are pleased that you have made it to our Graduate Program because of your excellent qualifications and background. We will do everything we can to make your stay rewarding and enjoyable. The following information is to assist you with steps that are required for initial registration and orientation.

Arrival at Amarillo:

The office of Graduate Program is located in the School of Pharmacy at AMARILLO. Therefore all incoming graduate students are required to come to Amarillo first and complete the necessary forms that are indicated below. International students MUST then travel to the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences in LUBBOCK for the International Student Orientation. Lubbock is approximately 120 miles south of Amarillo. When a student arrives in Amarillo, every effort will be made to provide transportation from the Amarillo Airport to their pre-arranged place of accommodation. In the past, the students have found it convenient to stay in local motels or with their friends until long-term arrangements for an apartment can be made. Currently, on-campus housing is not available in Amarillo. It is recommended that students arrive in Amarillo one or two weeks in advance of the scheduled beginning date for classes. Quite frequently, the School of Pharmacy at Amarillo and the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center at Lubbock have different starting dates. Since the graduate students take courses in both of these programs, it is important that they arrive in time to follow the earlier of the two schedules. Besides making their housing and social security arrangement, it will help them complete the initial paperwork at Amarillo.

Arrival at the School of Pharmacy:

The School of Pharmacy is located at 1300 Coulter (Phone number 806/356-4000). As soon as you arrive at the School, proceed to the fourth floor (Room 400) and meet our Secretary, Ms Lynn Finkenbinder. Her phone number is 806-356-4000, ext. 245. Lynn will prepare the personnel action forms (PAF) for payroll and the application form to obtain keys to the School building and the Graduate Students' Room, as well as request set-up of an e-mail account and arrange a meeting with Ms. Devona Smith, Human Resource Manager. The Human Resources office will direct students in obtaining a Student ID Badge from the Campus Police Department. Lynn will also provide assistance in obtaining a Social Security Number from the Amarillo Branch Office of the Social Security Administration. All legal documents must be taken to the Social Security Administration office to apply for a Social Security Number: Passport; Visa; I-20; I-94, and the original letter of acceptance Dr. Barbara Pence. The following forms, which must be completed and taken to Lubbock, will also be obtained from the department office.

  • Fee Assistance Program
  • Medical Services-Waiver Form
  • Nonresident State Tuition Exemption Form

After completing these forms, Dr. Mansoor Khan will meet with each student in his office (Room 445, Phone Ext 285) to sign the forms and offer advice regarding first semester courses.

Orientation with Human Resources:

Within 3 days of arrival, students MUST go to the Human Resources office, which is located at 1400 Wallace, and present their I-20 (Acceptance Letter) and complete an I-9 form. The Employee Orientation may also be done at the same time, depending upon the Human Resources office schedule. If it is not possible to complete the Employee Orientation at this time, it will be scheduled for a later date.

Vehicle Registration / Parking Permit:

Since most Graduate Students work as Research Assistants and receive a half-time salary (.5 FTE), they are considered TTUHSC employees. All employees are required to register vehicles to receive a parking permit. For those employees of .5 FTE (Full Time Employment) or greater the fee is $110. This fee will provide 2 parking stickers, and may be paid monthly by payroll deduction, if so desired. The contact person for registering a vehicle for parking is Ms. Shelly Jacobs, whose office is located at the School of Medicine, phone # 356-5408."

Registration/Orientation in Lubbock:

Graduate students will receive a letter that includes their PIN (Personal Identification Number), along with instructions for registering for courses online. National students may send the Fee Assistance Program Form, Medical Services-Waiver Form and Nonresidents State Tuition Exception Form to the Graduate Program office in Lubbock via Campus Mail. International students will take the Fee Assistance Program Form, Medical Services-Waiver Form, and Nonresident State Tuition Exemption Form to Lubbock when they attend the International Students Orientation. Mr. Michael Murphy (Phone: 806-742-3667) is the International Student Counselor. It is VERY IMPORTANT that students take their I-20, Passport, and other legal documents to the International Students Office at Lubbock. Assistance will be provided with transportation to Lubbock with help from departmental secretaries or Senior Graduate Students. However, this orientation will be provided only once at the time of initial registration. The contact person in Lubbock is Ms. Pam Johnson who is the Director of the Graduate Program in the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. The Graduate School is located in the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) which is a huge building located at 3601 4th Street. Ms. Johnson's office is in 2B106, and her phone number is 743-2556. For students on teaching/research assistantships, out-of-state tuition will be waived. Hence they only pay in-state tuition and other general fees. Information on fees is highlighted in another section on the Graduate Program web site for the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Return to the School of Pharmacy:

Upon returning from Lubbock, Dr. Khan will provide students with a form for visiting and obtaining the signatures of all GRADUATE FACULTY members of the Department. Students will introduce themselves to each faculty member and ask about their research programs, focus for student lab rotations and future research work. Signed forms are to be returned to Dr. Khan. Each student will be assigned a temporary advisor for any assistance that might be needed during the first year. Just before the end of the first year, students are required to select a major advisor, who will head that student's thesis/dissertation committee. Students will also choose the other committee members for their thesis/dissertation research.

Lab Rotations:

Lab rotations are designed to enhance the breadth of students' research experience. They also allow a student to get to know the professors and their research programs before selecting their major advisors. All doctoral students are required to complete at least four lab rotations during their first two semesters. The duration of each rotation will be approximately nine-weeks. Depending upon their advisor(s) recommendation, a student may take two additional rotations during the summer. Out of the four required rotations, at least one should be outside of the student's major area of interest (e.g. biomedical science's rotation for a pharmaceutical sciences student and vice versa). A student will be given a one-time opportunity to extend their rotation to all 18 weeks with the mutual understanding of their lab mentors. The lab rotations are optional for Masters students.

Laboratory Certifications:

All students in the graduate program are required to obtain certification for Lab Safety. Mr. Craig Ford, Manager, Safety Services is the contact person and can be reached at 354-5441. Depending upon the laboratory in which a student is working, training/certifications may be required for SOAP, Toxic Substances, Science, HIV, Hazard etc. When animal experiments are involved, the advisor will also arrange training in laboratory animal use.

Temporary advisors should initiate any required training courses for their advisees.

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